This Is Now the Most Expensive Fast-Food Chain in America

This Is Now the Most Expensive Fast-Food Chain in America
This Is Now the Most Expensive Fast-Food Chain in America

Expect to pay more for your chicken sandwiches, but less for other items.

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Inflation has hit us all hard, especially when it comes to buying food. Case in point: Grocery store prices increased across nearly every category in 2022. So, instead of making dinner from scratch, many of us have found it easier to go to our favorite drive-thru or fast-food restaurant and order a burger, or a bucket of chicken. However, even fast-food chains aren’t immune to price increases.

In 2022, the cost of fast food will increase by approximately 13 percent overall, according to data from Pricelisto. While this number might be surprising—there is good news. Some chains have been able to lower the costs of specific menu items. Here are some price changes you can expect to see at several of the most popular fast-food restaurants, as well as suggestions for what to order if you’re trying to save money.



Per intel from Pricelisto, Wendy’s is now the most expensive fast-food chain in the nation. More specifically, prices went up 35 percent due to inflation last year. Still, if you’re craving a burger, there are deals to be found. While a Big Bacon Classic Combo will set you back $11.11, you can spend a fraction of the price by ordering a Jr. Cheeseburger Deluxe for just $2.56 instead.


Chick-fil-A had the second highest price increase—15.6 percent—with an average meal costing $4.65. This is likely because the price of chicken has gone up 17 percent. Why so much? The cost of feed, along with a higher demand for chicken in general, has led to a substantial price increase that has trickled down to your favorite menu items. At Chick-fil-A, this means that the ever-popular Grilled Chicken Sandwich now costs $7.23.



If you’re craving a bucket of fried chicken, you’re likely to hit up your local KFC. However, with an average menu price of $14.45—an increase of 4.77 percent from the previous year—you should cross your fingers and hope they put an extra wing or two in your bucket. Still, even with these prices, many of KFC’s menu items are designed to feed multiple people. In other words, you’re not getting as bad a deal as you might think.

Dunkin’ Donuts

In the mood for a sweet treat? Why not grab a donut at Dunkin’? While many of us used to think of this fast-food chain as a great place for an inexpensive snack and a delicious cup of coffee, prices aren’t what they used to be. The average item price is currently $4.34—an increase of 2.57 percent from last year. But with Apple Fritters costing just $1.78 each, there’s a way to do Dunkin’ on the cheap.



Craving a Big Mac? You’re in luck, because McDonald’s decreased its menu prices by 5 percent in 2022. This is likely due to the fact that the cost of ground beef is lower now compared to last year. Don’t forget to order fries with that, because French fry prices at the Golden Arches are down $0.09.

Burger King

But what if you prefer Burger King? You’re in luck yet again, because the cost of a Whopper is now a whopping $.027 less than it was last year. Hungry? Make it a double since the price of a Double Whopper is down $.039 cents.

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