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How one couple constructed a tool to repair McDonald’s notoriously damaged soft-serve machines—and how the fast-food big froze them out. How Apps Commandeered the Age-Old Idea of TakeoutThird-party delivery providers have convinced us they’re an important a part of our busy lives. The USDA is making it easier for farmers to market their meat as “low-carbon.” Not everyone is happy about it. Try Eating ThemThe marbled crayfish is a risk to the native species, but the “Berlin lobster” may also supply a sustainable food source and help cease the unfold of parasites. This Startup Is Trying to Make Juicy Steaks Out of Thin AirAir Protein is remodeling carbon emissions into scrumptious cuts of meat, with the helping hand of micro organism.

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On World Nutella Day, here’s what you need to know concerning the chocolate-hazelnut unfold. A viral video shows that on this explicit set of Starbucks cups, the logo and …