The Dangers of the EHR

Electronic Health Records can be an incredibly helpful tool. However, they are not without fault. A recent warning highlights that electronic health records (EHRs) are a top target of cybercriminals. They can also lead to inappropriate billing if they are …

How Do I Update My Compliance Risk Assessment?

Compliance Risk Assessments are critically important in healthcare practices. When used correctly, they can save entities from fines, problems and consequences.

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Can You Prevent a Whistleblower Lawsuit?

When a whistleblower suit is brought against a company or practice, there are usually many warnings that were ignored or not dealt with appropriately. Many times, wrongdoings are brought to light internally first and properly addressing concerns can prevent a

Home Cooking Tricks People Swear By

Home Cooking Tricks People Swear By

Have you ever tried something in the kitchen that you think, “Whoa, why didn’t I discover this sooner?” Well, I browsed the r/cooking subreddit and rounded up some tried-and-true tricks that home cooks

How Do I Get Out of My Non-Compete?

In healthcare, there has been a large expansion in non-compete clauses. Many of our clients would like to find a way out of their non-compete clause when looking to leave their current employment.

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