Netizens lash out at Masterchef India judges for favoring contestant Aruna to cook with paneer instead of fish; writes ‘Never such a partiality has happened in

The recent episode of Masterchef India has received a lot of backlash from netizens. The episode showed judges and chefs Garima Arora, Ranveer Brar and Vikas Khanna giving the liberty to contestant Aruna to select a vegetarian protein.
The episode saw the judges letting her opt for paneer instead of fish and this has made several netizens call them out for being biased towards certain contestants.

One of the users wrote, “Height of favouritism by @SonyTV Aruna allowed to choose protein of her one choice jus cuz she is a vegetarian. Never such partiality has happened in other versions of Masterchef. If she can’t cook non-veg food or is out of her comfort zone she shd leave the show. #MasterchefIndia.”

Another compared Masterchef Australia to Masterchef India, where an Indian contestant had to cook beef. The tweet read, “In MasterChef Australia, an Indian had to cook beef even if she was vegetarian, but she cooked…to be a chef one should know everything it doesn’t depend on one’s own food routine.”

A user tweeted, “Priya was asked to be flexible and was evicted for ‘staying true to her beliefs’ … Meanwhile Aruna gets the option of cooking with Paneer, while others HAD TO cook with the chosen protein… Okay.. .Not biased at all. #MasterChefIndia.”

Some of them even tweeted that the judges were biased towards Aruna and another contestant Gurkirat.

Another note that while Aruna was given the liberty to choose a different protein, another contestant, who was vegan, didn’t have the same liberty. The tweet read, “So a Jain contestant was allowed to cook with Paneer instead of fish, but a vegan contestant wasn’t given the same liberty. Another vegetarian contestant on the show cooked with meat. Didn’t the contestant know that she would have to cook with meat and eggs?”

Here are a few of the tweets:

This season of Masterchef India is the 7th season and premiered on January 2. The last season happened in 2019.

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