Local puppet maker to appear on the Food Network’s “Worst Cooks in America”

BUFFALO, NY (WKBW-TV) — Adam Kruetinger is an art teacher and a viral internet puppet maker. When the Food Network’s WORST COOKS IN AMERICA came calling, he listened.

Adam says “I wasn’t that familiar with the show and they said go and watch it and then I realized I had seen it, my wife loves the show.” Soon after he was in New York City on the show competing with eleven other “viral sensations.”

He says he picked up a few cooking tips, but went into the competition not having much kitchen experience. He says “My wife is a wonderful cook so I never really had to learn how to cook.”

The new season premieres on the Food Network on January 1st. The show was shot a few months ago, before Adam was diagnosed with cancer. He says A week after we wrapped shooting I was diagnosed with brain cancer.”

He has been undergoing treatment and says “I have had good days and bad.” Through it all has kept his sense of humor. “I grew a beard because I wanted to have some hair.”

If you want to learn how to cook make sure you tune in to the Food Network. If you want to learn how to make puppets you can go to Adam Kruetinger’s website puppetnerds.com