Here’s How To Make This Delicious Viral Pastina Soup

For those of you who read the recipe above and are now thinking to yourselves, “this is NOT the version I grew up with,” never fear. As mentioned, pastina recipes tend to differ pretty heavily from person to person, so here are some equally-tasty variations that are totally worth trying, if you’d like:

Brothy, No-Egg Pastina — Use double the amount of stock called for in the recipe above, omit the egg and butter, and wait to add your parm and black pepper until you’ve ladled the soup into bowls for serving. This version is especially great for small kids, FYI!

Pastina with Veggies — Sauté some finely chopped onion, celery, and carrot in butter or olive oil until just softened before adding your stock and bringing everything to a boil.

Chicken-y Pastina — Start with the method for either of the variations above (it’s up to you!), adding pre-cooked shredded or cubed chicken to the boiling stock at the same time you stir in the uncooked pastina.