Florida Uber Eats driver killed, dismembered making delivery

Florida man charged in Uber Eats driver’s death

Florida man charged in Uber Eats driver’s death


st. PETERSBURG – A man is accused of killing and then dismembering an Uber Eats driver who had brought food to his home.

Oscar Solis Jr., 30, is charged with killing the driver during a delivery Wednesday, April 19th, at a home in Holiday, said Pasco County Sheriff Chris Nocco. The remains were found at the house in trash bags and a cooler, which also contained a receipt with Solis’ name on it, according to a police affidavit.

“This was a horrific crime of passion,” Nocco said. “This was demonic. What he did was demonic.”

Dismembered Driver
Oscar Solis Jr. is charged with killing an Uber Eats driver during a delivery on Wednesday, April 19, 2023.

Pasco County Sheriff’s Office via AP

Solis faces charges of murder while engaged in a robbery, failure to register as a convicted felon, and for a parole violation.

Solis was released from an Indiana prison in January after serving four years for an assault and burglary conviction, Nocco said. He moved to the Florida home about three months ago.

Nocco said he was affiliated in Indiana with the violent MS-13 gang.

Evidence collected in the case includes blood found in various places around the house and a key fob belonging to the victim that was found on Solis’ dresser, on top of his wallet. The affidavit also says the victim’s car was found abandoned a short distance away, and inside were a trash bag containing blood-soaked rags and towels, a Door Dash bag like one the victim carried, and an employment time card with Solis’ name on it .

Investigators also obtained surveillance video from the house showing the victim making the food delivery and, later, two Hispanic men carrying heavy trash bags outside. The other man, who worked as a driver for Solis, has not been charged.

The victim was reported missing by his wife after he never came home from his Uber Eats deliveries. Uber told investigators the victim’s last reported location was at the Solis home.

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