At least 2 people shot, 1 in custody after shooting at Perimeter Mall

Channel 2 Action News has learned that at least two people were shot after gunfire broke out at Perimeter Mall Friday night.

At least one person has been taken into custody.

The shooting happened around 5 pm at the mall, sparking fears of an active shooter. There was a massive police presence are in the area as multiple agencies worked to clear the scene.

Dunwoody police confirmed at least one person was shot at the mall but did not identify the victim. NewsChopper 2 was over the scene Friday night when one victim was rushed out of the mall on a stretcher.

Channel 2′s Michael Seiden confirmed that the victim and the suspect exchanged gunfire and that the suspect was wounded.

After the shooting at the mall, law enforcement units raced to an apartment building off Pleasantdale Road, where NewsChopper 2 spotted multiple police officers and at least one ambulance in the parking lot.

Police confirmed that there was another person with a gunshot wound in the apartment building who is considered to be the suspect and that the two scenes were connected. That person’s condition and identity were also not released.

Both the victim and suspect are stable at Grady Memorial Hospital.

Video footage from inside the mall shows the two men having an argument in the food court before gunfire erupted, leaving both men injured.


Dunwoody police said there was no active shooter situation and that the investigation is ongoing.

Channel 2’s Tom Regan talked to an employee at the mall, who said that after the shots were fired, chaos broke out and people started running into stores for cover and for the exits.

“It was quite a few (shots). At least six shots,” an employee said. “Everybody was running out, trying to get to their cars, trying to get out. It was just chaotic.”

“He was shooting first in the sky and then shooting the guy. I was like, he is going to shoot us. He’s going to shoot everyone,” Homa Khalilian told Channel 2’s Courtney Francisco.

After the shooting, police appeared to be escorting some people outside of the mall. Other patrons told Channel 2 Action News that they were on lockdown inside stores.

Investigators said the mall was evacuated.

Officials with Brookfield Properties, who owns Perimeter Mall, issued a statement Friday night, reading:

“This was an isolated and senseless incident. We are grateful to our security vendor and also our partners at Dunwoody Police Department for their quick action and response. Because this is an active and ongoing investigation, we are directing all inquiries to PD.”

A spokeswoman for Brookfield said they expect to reopen the mall on Saturday.