7th St. Patrick’s Day recipes, including colcannon, stew and soda bread

When I studied in London, I was fortunate enough to hop over the Irish Sea to celebrate St. Patrick’s Day, commemorating the patron saint of Ireland.

My friends and I stood on the sidelines of the big Dublin parade on Dame Street, watched rugby, wore greens and drank generous amounts of Guinness and whiskey in several different pubs. I can’t tell how much of the day was tourist indulgence, but I had a lot of fun.

When I returned that June, I lived on the Northside for two months and came to appreciate a different side of the city — and its food and drink. I still loved the pubs, Guinness and whiskey, but the simple, quieter pleasures of cups of tea, hearty bread and a vegetarian Irish breakfast spot I found in the city center also shaped what was one of the best summers of my life.

Irish cuisine reflects its culture — welcoming and warm — and these recipes from our Recipe Finder showcase that. Filled with cabbage, potatoes, lamb, whole grains and, of course, stout, these are some of the classics you don’t want to miss.

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