13 Chicken Cooking Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

If you’ve ever gotten a whole chicken, you know that the neck, liver, and gizzards often come with it. They can usually be found deep in the bird’s cavity together in a little bag. While you could throw them away or feed them to the dog, you shouldn’t. Instead, take those innards and toss them into a pot with plenty of water, an onion or two, your favorite vegetables, and a little salt and pepper. And if you’re spatchcocking a chicken, add that backbone you just removed as well. Then let the whole thing simmer for a few hours and you’ve got yourself a delicious homemade chicken stock that can then be used as a base for chicken noodle soup, gravy, or a savory sauce.

Like a lot of recipes, making your stock is so much better than buying a box at the store. Not only is it way more flavorful because you can add whatever vegetables and spices you like, but since you’re making it from scratch, you know exactly what’s going into it. There won’t be any of those weird ingredients you can’t pronounce to make it shelf-stable. Don’t misunderstand — there are definitely some great stocks out there that work in a pinch, but there’s just no comparison to make your own. And since it’s so easy, there’s really no reason why you shouldn’t give it a try at least once.

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